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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Accessing Spring beans from Quartz jobs
The Spring Framework integrates with the Quartz scheduler in a way that makes Quartz much easier to use. Although in order to use Spring beans with your Quartz jobs you have to deviate slightly from the usual Spring "dependency injection" way of doing things. According to the Spring API this is necessary because Quartz itself is responsible for the lifecycle of its Jobs.

I was recently refactoring my use of Quartz and Spring in my feed aggregator web application. Rather than explain the internal workings of my application at this time, I will explain some features I discovered with reference to James Goodwill's recent simple example of using Quartz and Spring together. James shows how a "cron style" job can easily be created by configuring Quartz Job, trigger, SchedulerFactoryBean and loading up the application context.

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